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Make, send and collect opinions at real time through Messenger, Telegram, Web, Mobile and SMS.

What is Questions™ and What is it for?

Questions is a multichannel survey platform to create and show survey and analize your results at real time and interact through Chat Bot.


For each survey is possible: create customize theme totally responsive, choosing imagine, colors and font of text; enable features concerning the partecipation and setting the type of graphic to see your results. 


To increase the percentage of partecipation, in addiction to email registration you can enable the social login both to Facebook and Twitter to make easy access survey.




Chat bot

The partecipation to survey is easy and fast. Your clients can answer by SMS or Telegram and Messenger App and share their opinion everywhere they are.

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Real time statistics

Make your customize report. Display in real time the collected data for each survey and choose the graphic more representative to feedback analysis.


Questions is everywhere!


Questions is available on every web and mobile device. Compare datas collect where and when you want. Start now your survey!

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